Friday, August 28, 2009

have you noticed i like free things.

well, i do. i do love free things. there, i said it. and also i sign up for free things even though i don't like or need them. like starbucks coffee--i don't love coffee. i have a coffee maker, but i certainly don't use it. one 2 years ago, i made coffee after a dinner party and forgot to take the coffee strainer out until, oh, a mere 3 months later when i decided i should make some for another after-party. needless to say, i didn't make coffee that night. it was a bear to get clean and very unsanitary for sure.

woops, looks like no one wants to come over to my house for a cup of joe. suits us both--let's just go to the dollar store instead. or old time pottery. or pottery barn clearance section if we're in the mood to splurge. anyway, back to free starbucks coffee...if you sign up for an account on their website, you get a free cup on your birthday.

you know who else gives a freebie on your birthday? sheridans! sign up to be on their e-mailing list and they'll give you a buy one get one free right off the bat. then they send you a coupon for a free sweet treat on your day of birth. hooray!

bravo restaurant gives you a free appetizer on your birthday.

dairy queen gives you a buy one get one free blizzard on your birthday.

president obama gives you a free car for your birthday if you say, "cash for clunkers" to a car dealer. oh wait, that's not free...we'll all be paying for that with higher taxes. so fun!!

houlihan's sends out all kinds of free treats whether it's your birthday or not. love it.

if you have kids, sonic gives you a free wacky pack kids meal on your birthday. don't love it, but feel as though i should mention for those that do love that shiz.

i feel like i should post a picture here. so here is layne peeing on a fence. you can hardly tell what he was doing, as he was so discreet. and the pee on the fence is almost unnoticeable. amazing.
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