Tuesday, August 18, 2009

free coldplay album and filipino's dancing

this was our last hang out session with my husband's side of the family. it was a big celebration because nato's cousin, tootsie(like the roll), came over from the Philippines to live in America. so i'm not sure what happened--especially since there was no alcohol involved, but amelia(nato's mother!) started a dance party. it was quite enjoyable to watch. doing karaoke with a bunch of filipino's is way better though. i'll get a sound bite on that one.

and there's something that doesn't belong in this picture...can you tell what it is? oh, it's me.... the caucasian. i even have jazz hands going on, as if i couldn't make myself stand out anymore. my hands were trying to say, "welcome to America, Tootsie!"

a post is not complete without a little koala bear to say hello. sweet sweet platypus.

ok in other news, if you want a free coldplay album to download, click here. all you have to do is give coldplay your email. hello!

and if you want free crayons, go to office max this week. there are 1 penny a piece and you can buy 3. donate them or save them for kid's birthday party's or crafts. also, a pack of 10 pens is 15 cents. seriously? seriously.

if you want a free sample of emergen-c, click here. the cold season is just around the corner. plus these are all natural. sha-what? free and all natural...yes, please.

speakin of free and all natural, click here to get a free sample of burt's bees all natural skin care line. great for travel. it's for acne, but who doesn't get a pimple every now and again.

no, i don't work for any of these companies, but yes...they should pay me for advertising their products.
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  1. i want to see a pic of you at the filipino dance party! thanks for the free stuff! i heart burts bees.

  2. So I tried to get the free Burts bees but apparently because I don't suffer from acne, I don't qualify. LAME! I closed the browser and tried again. NO DEAL.

    Matt just asked why I didn't click 'mild acne.' I only get zits when I pick 'em. Hmm...TMI?

  3. LOL!! mom says, "Oh my!!!" =) one day i'll get her to post...

  4. um, free coldplay?! thank you for making my week mrs. nato! :-)

  5. what?!! jazz hands aren't cool?
    and thank you sooooo much for the tip on the burts bees! i do have acne, i hate my skin and i'm always looking for something new to try! so thank you, thank you, thank you. and you have to let me know how the juco class goes. i love juco... seriously when my kids don't need as much attention i'm going to be a professional student there.
    take care...
    love, jenn


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