Saturday, August 22, 2009

another free album! another playdate!

can you tell these 2 are cousins? well they are... biological and everything. haiden is my sister, karli's manchild and he is the third cutest child in the world--right after layne and lila of course. anyway, Layne loves playing with haiden and copies everything he does the entire time they're together. hopefully layne will pick up on the poses haiden was throwing out to the camera. hilarious.

please notice lila in the last picture sucking on her two fingers, backwards. it looks awkward and feels awkward...i tried it. go ahead and try it too, it's a skill. i would even go as far as to say it's lila's spiritual gift. keeps her quiet and keeps mommy happy, praise the Lord.

and also please notice my sister's cool rockstar hair...i was tempted to get a few highlights after seeing her "do". but then i remembered that you have to keep going back to get your roots done. and from what i hear, you have to pay each time you go. sh-what? i bet there are no coupons for that either, and that hurts my heart to go somewhere- ok,anywhere-without a coupon.

ok, for slaving through this post, click here for ANOTHER ENTIRE ALBUM download for free. you have to commit to recycling or something "granola" to get this, but you need to be a good steward of the earth anyway, so go with it. this album includes dave mathews band and bands he tours with. pretty cool.

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  1. thanks for taking cute pics sis! dont forget we are of the same breed... i too use coupons, shop the clearance racks only & hunt for deals. All those hand-me-downs that Layne wears were hunted with love! BTW I get my hair done at a beauty school in Lawrence or OP... never a real salon. I pay with my time and a teeny tiny bit of money! If you ever want to come with let me know! I'll show ya the ropes.


  2. i bet no one thinks we're "real" sisters either... you know from the same parents & all? why did i never really think about that growin up?

  3. those poses of haiden's are hilarious. i love the gang sign in the last photo...


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