Sunday, July 26, 2009

no, that is NOT a bargain

some people bike, some people collect horse figurines, some people sew. my hobby(and spiritual gift) is finding things for free or so very cheap that it seems like heaven has come on earth. so ya, it's called "bargain hunting", not to be confused with bargain hunting found in magazines where they put together an outfit that cost $200 "for everything!". i read those things and i think, "is it opposite day? that is usually reserved for wednesday's and i'm pretty sure this is friday." no fellow readers, that is not a bargain. that is actually a splurge in my world. when i go to target, i go to directly to the clearance section--if it's not 75% off, you mean nothing to me. if you see something you like that's regular price, wait 2 weeks and it will be 75% off... hence, the word HUNT. you watch your prey until it is exactly where you want it.

so ya, it could also be called a sport i guess. and i am surprisingly athletic.

anyway, i'm sure you all have heard about the CVS deals. you basically use monopoly money { bonus bucks } to buy things and for buying those things, they give you more monopoly moola. i just got back from that little drugstore from Heaven and look what i got for all for under $3. this could have all been free, but i forgot a coupon in my purse. dangit. whatev...the box of cereal alone would have been $3 on sale at whole foods, so it's not a big deal.

check out my receipt...this year so far i've spent $20 for $200 worth of stuff. my actual spent money would be lower but i have a couple midnight runs in there for infant ibuprofen and a humidifier. i was desperate, ok...and cvs was the only place open. but ya, that's what i'm talking about friends...paying 10% for anything like shampoo, toothpaste, medicine, etc. i mean, i haven't actually bought toothpaste or a toothbrush in the 6 months i've started doing the deals.

you can read more about how to do this by reading this article.

or you can just come on a field trip with me one sunday afternoon. that's the best way to learn. and i'm a pro. they say, "welcome, mrs. nato" when i come there...ya, it's sad. but slightly awesome.

but enough about bargains, look at this sweet kaola bear gummin' it up with her no-teeth smile. she had a mild case of chicken pox this week--or perhaps a clan of mosquito's that only enjoy biting faces. i can't figure it out--there were only 10 bumps. hmmm...we'll see if layne gets it next week. i'm not into vaccines anyway so i'm glad nature is helping me out on this one. build those immunities the good old fashioned way. that is another blog entry for another time. maybe sometime this week...
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  1. If your little boy starts showing spots, we must hang out. Our boys can hug, share cups, and hold hands while we can make small talk like we actually know each other. We could also reminisce over all the fun times we've had together. Mkay?

  2. aww mom, ate janell & i are all googling at lila's pics =) miss the kids & of course you guys!!!

  3. i have another friend who does that cvs shopping. my problem is i'm too lazy...i don't like to hunt...i like to see it and get it. why is your child so cute? i love it.

  4. i love lila. she looks like an old lady in that picture...but i'm into it.

  5. I have a sick obsession with lila. how could a child be cuter?

  6. Hi! I just found your blog so of course I spent the last way too much time reading everysinglepost. The target quote is what brought me to comment though. I agree. A bargain must be hunted for. It doesn't feel as great to be wearing a $30 Target cardigan as it does to be wearing the same cardigan for $8. Love your blog!


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