Wednesday, July 8, 2009

men in sleevless shirts, crafting!

Have you ever done a project or craft that made you almost lose your salvation? this past week i decided to make layne's 3rd birthday theme. every party has to have a theme. everything should have a theme actually... like the theme of my house is "looks like you've been burglarized". anyway, all that to say, when we do birthday's for the kids, we like to put some effort into them. mainly so they can look back on it and affectionately say, "i don't even remember that party".

but the really neat part about this hellish crafting experience is that my husband did the craft with me. how many men will do that?? like really, he rolled up his sleeves and dug in. what i meant to say is that he actually ripped off his sleeves and dug in. i despise when men wear sleeveless shirts, and this is nato's only one. but i didn't complain about his wardrobe because free labor is impossible to find in this economy and i wanted him to keep working in my makeshift sweatshop.

and lastly, not firstly, layne has worn this outfit for 3 days straight. to the store, on play dates, on walks, in the bath-- but never to sleep in of course... that would be just plain unsanitary! occasionally he will take his goggles off and put them atop his head...but other that that, he refuses to wear anything else. he gets up first thing and immediately asks where his goggles are. then we fight about it for, oh, 10 minutes and he gets his way. i'm like, if this your passion in life dude, go for it. i say NO to a lot of things he wants, so i feel like it's ok to give in to a few things that aren't deal breakers. i will have to wash those trunks sometime soon though and i know it will be tough for him to part with this "outfit". not emotionally, but physically-- trying to get the underwear part unattached from his bun cheeks. just keep us in your prayers.
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  1. i love the invitations. we are excited about the party. i look forward to seeing layne in his "outfit" at his party. you will let him wear it to the party, right?

  2. I'm SO impressed at the craftiness within the Nato household. Travis would never even think about assisting me in my invitation making efforts.

  3. I'm adding your blog to my google reader. I'm to clarify, I'm not really a stalker. Your fam used to go to OLF, yes? And, of course, we both know Emily. So therefore I'm adding you. That's all. Continue on as usual.

  4. And apparently I need to edit before I comment. Sorry about that.


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