Sunday, July 5, 2009

hooray america.

these pictures pretty much sum up our 4th of july experience.

My sister maggie, shown here holding her seeing eye dog, stole candy from little children as it was thrown from the parade floats. you might also notice that my brother, keaton, in between maggie and nato-- looks more like nato's brother than mine. it might also be shocking for you to know that my dad, over there on the right, is actually sucking in. that is, i guess, the best he could do.

here in the second picture you can see layne enjoying the events inspired by freedom and sacrifice for our country. his attitude is nothing short of inspirational for every American. candy from parade + toddler-ness+ inability to cope with life in general = FUN!! please notice lila in the back of the stroller singing worship songs, smiling, and knitting blankets for orphans.

and in the third picture, my husband shows that jumping over a candlestick is not just the stuff of nursery rhymes...however, this candlestick was a dangerous ball of fire and smoke called "the exploding panda". i'm not sure what he was doing, but i'm told it is a custom done to celebrate America's independence over in the philippines. because every country celebrates the 4th of i right or am i right?

hope you had a fun 4th of july too!
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  1. that doesn't look near as fun as hanging out with us. jk. i especially love the pic of layne and lila.

  2. That is what Brian looks like when he sucks it in too!!!! haha...
    Great pics of the kids.
    Brian & Michelle
    (Glad you had a good time in Florida-I bet Emily loved having you there)


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