Tuesday, July 14, 2009

chunky thighs and armpit hair.

we went to the lake this weekend with some friends and had lots of fun. which is surprising for me because if i have ever in the past mentioned the words "lake" and "fun" in a sentence, it would look like this: driving home from the lake was fun. i had to turn this picture of layne fishing black and white as the fishing pole was hot pink and displayed a particularly girly barbie logo on it. he would also be wearing his signature goggles, except he dropped them in the lake accidentally. this was a tragedy, but he felt better when daddy told him nemo needed to borrow them. and then i said, "that crazy fish...i could just eat him up!" so he started crying again...geez. no, i didn't really say that...i am too kind and righteous to say those things out loud.

ok, i know what you're thinking...in her last post, jami just wrote about her disdain for men in sleeveless shirts. well all the guys decided to display their armpit hairs freely the entire weekend after they read what i wrote. this blogging is powerful. if they only knew i used the power of reverse psychology on them. i actually enjoy men in sleeveless attire...if you've ever received a hug from a man in a sleeveless shirt, you know the joy i am speaking of. SICK. get your freaking armpit hairs off my shoulder...for real, nasto.

speaking of nasto, someone on the boat gave layne a gatorade. no one asked me of course, because "c'mon, we're at the lake!" but seriously, travis, was that you? there is a special place in satan's playpen for people who give children sugary drinks. but isn't lila looking so cute in her bloomers, sporting her awesome thighs? she prefers to stand now all the time...she even sleeps that way. in this picture, she is actually napping.

ok and here is my latest dumpster dive...i happened to find a couple window panes in someone's trash the other day. the accent colors in our upstairs are orange and green so i lucked out that it was already painted in the perfect shade of orange, but i did sand the edges for a little more character. i use it as a dry erase board for the weekly menu or grocery lists, but was thinking about busting out the glass and hooks or clothes pins in there to hang the kids art work. one side for lila and one side for layne. so next time you see a cute window in the trash with glass busted out or still intact, grab it.

any other ideas for window panes?

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  1. oh yes. armpit hair=sick. on men and women.

  2. I think the windows are great, especially because I LOVE to sit in my bedroom and make grocery lists. Nothing says cooking like dirty underwear and messy sheets.

  3. Audrey..I'm going to disregard your dirty underwear comment. That precious child's leg looks delectably delicious.

  4. I didnt think about the fact that that might not be my sister audrey. hmmm. haa


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