Thursday, June 25, 2009

kissing in st. augastine

Well, we just got back from our VA-CA in florida. we went to a marraige conference and stayed at my friend emily's house for the first half and a B&B the last half. It was 7 days long...which means we were missing our kids for 5 of those days. but it was fun. and we kissed a lot. this was done by using the good ol' timer functin on the camera(so no one had to witness the make out festival we were throwing).

i'll post some more later which don't involve us kissing.

are you gagging yet?
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  1. oh my, i'm totally gagging. jk! i'm glad you guys had a great time and i'm really glad you are back to the blogging world. i definitely want to hear about your part human dog. i'm nervous.

  2. hmmm not gagging quite yet, but lila gonna be a big sis? =)


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