Monday, November 10, 2008

ok, i'm back

Ok, so I dropped of the face of the earth for a while. so here is what went on the past 3 or 4 months in a nutshell:

I had a beautiful baby girl, Lila Elizabeth Nato. She is a horrendous sleeper.

Layne was a dino for "sweet treats day". that's right, we didn't celebrate halloween. ha.

We dedicated Lila AND layne(yes, 2 years later) at our new church. layne was ridiculous upfront and eventually ran down the isle screaming "LOLO!", which is grandpa in filipino. it was a proud moment indeed.

we went to the pumpkin patch and it was awesome to eat the donuts and rootbeer. layne had his first carbonated beverage and would not put his "sweet treat" down for about an hour.
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  1. the baby dedication was hilarious. he was the hit of the show! so glad you are back in the blogging world.

  2. Oh She is so beautiful! Big Congrats!!!

  3. NATO! Where are you brotha?! Hope life is good...


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