Thursday, July 3, 2008

filipino club members only

Ok, let's address the obvious, Layne desperately needs a haircut--and despite daddy's opposition, i am going to give him one right after i finish this blog. moving on, layne had a playdate with his cousin Mia-well, second cousin...but in the filipino world they could be your 8th cousin and would still be considered a first cousin. isn't she so cute! love her curls...

they did many educational activities like coloring on the windows, couches, and various paper products strewn amongst the floor. all while hugging and kissing.

layne is very into his "bob the builder" hat we found in the one spot at target. it's the first thing i've let him pick out in the store and buy! with his allowance of course. he gets money for working in our sweat shop in the basement. which by the way is still not finished...but it's moving along. i have a feeling it will be ready just in time for baby number 2!
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  1. love the pics jami!! looks like layne is doing better with sharing :)

  2. Hi! I stumbled across your blog - it is so cute! Are your kiddos filipino? Just wondering, because I am filipino. So true about the "8th cousin" being like the first cousin! lol...actually, we call everyone "auntie" and "uncle" too! Anyway, just dropping in to say hi!!!



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