Monday, July 21, 2008

It's o-Fish-al... Layne is 2!

Layne's birthday was yesterday--fun times. who needs party hats when you've got hideous fish glasses? and that thing that looks like a dolphin is actually his unibrow.

Super Layne! our friend amanda williams made this for layne-how hilarious and cute is that? nato put it on though and it went from cute to stripper-esque. i had to make my mother put the dollar bills away.

what child doesn't need hulk gloves for his second birthday? he was a little scared of these at first. but after i explained that the hands weren't leperous, he put them on. that child is such a biblical scholar.

i think this pic is funny because layne is trying to do everything at once; eat cupcakes, play with toys, and open gifts. i let him eat whatever he could get his hands on and he didn't quite know what to do...except keep eating. i will say we've had some diareahal results this morning. both of us.
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