Friday, June 27, 2008

i'll have seconds please!

i know, i don't normally plaster pics of myself on the blog--but i have been harassed lately by several people (emily!) to get some up so they can see what eating pizza for lunch and dinner every day has done for my body. it's a stringent dietary plan, but i adhere to it closely...and just look at the results! the above pic is my two sisters (audrey and maggie) at audrey's lingerie shower. i tried to tell Auj that lingerie only takes up space in your top drawer and gets you pregnant- i should know. hello! but she's on her honeymoon now and will find that out soon enough.

BAM! 28 weeks! in your face.

i look at this picture and i think, that doesn't look sooooo huge. but then i get up to go get a glass of water and my thoughts turn once more to how i feel like a hippo. and then i pee on myself when i sneeze, and i think, "do hippo's pee on themselves?" probably. that makes me feel a little better-- except when i think about that scene in ace ventura (when nature calls)where the hippo gives birth to him in a field. ya, a lot of you are wondering what i'm talking about. it's worth the rent just for that scene people.

speaking of birth, I'm having a GIRL for all of those who don't know yet. her name shall be Lila Elizabeth. sounds like ly-la, not leela. i am excited to have pink all over the house. i have been outnumbered for a while.


  1. you are too cute!!! congrats on the baby girl...LOVE the name!!! i am w/ ya on the being out numbered thing. i hope you come to mops this next semester. it would be fun to see ya again. i have a sign order coming your way if you are still doing that!

  2. You are such a hot prego! so glad you are having a girl!!!


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