Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's day/Bday celebration

this year, mother's day and my twin brother and sister's birthday all kind of fell around the same we celebrated it all in one big shindig! I guess that's what happens when you have a big family... anyway, how many baker's does it take to light a birthday cake?

in other nato news, layne is obsessed with water. i did not strip my child down in the front yard, that was my husbands free-spirited doing. i know, we are THOSE neighbors. we let him play with glass and run in the street frequently as well. that is a joke for those of you thinking of turning us in. the backyard and a diaper would have been a lofty compromise in this situation, but what can a mother(who goes inside for one minute!) do. love the bun shot though.

oh and basement update: i would take pics, but you'd be bored. the concrete has been drilled into and pipe laid for the plumbing of the bathroom and laundry room... and most of the electrical work has been done too. just more behind the scenes work. i'll post pictures when it looks more "together". ya hoo!
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  1. that picture of little man makes me want to pinch his tush.

    and yah, we are THOSE neighbors too.

  2. did you find out yet? what is that baby?


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