Monday, April 14, 2008

nesting extravaganza!

i just thought i'd first share that layne has had enough of mommy and has puchased a ticket on the midnight train to goergia. i thought he was smart, but not smart enough to call greyhound and get a bus ticket using only the words, "mine!" "moo, cow" & "no way!". he will be dearly missed, as i was really counting on him to be able to change the new baby's diapers when he/she arrives. side note: i find out the sex of the baby in 4 weeks!

so we're finishing our basement! we need more space in this tiny 800sq. ft home, so the obvious was to maximize the space already in the house. i'm really excited and really cracking the whip--as this must be done before the papoose arrives in sept! and since i'm nesting like crazy, i've been doing a great job of harassing my husband daily, and sometimes hourly, to progress further on the new project. it doesn't look like much now, but it will have a 2nd bathroom, a laundry room, an office, a living area, and storage for when i compulsively dumpster dive in people's trash. some of which has been turned into magical treasures, whilst others sat in our basement for a year until i recently(and tearfully) had to put them in my own trash in the hopes that some crazy person would take them.

i'll keep you updated on the basement as we get more stuff done...stay tuned!

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