Thursday, April 3, 2008

my child is not a demon

in the last blog, i alluded that layne was cutting all 4 of his molars at the same time. some time after that, my child left his body and was replaced by a demon, reminiscent of chucky--the freckled toy doll gone mad( i know you've all seen this on some late night TV and thought it was funny--but then you kind of got scared and had to change the channel). he could not be consoled even by his beloved binky(pacifier) and blankee. at first i thought he was just throwing fits for hours, like any decent strong-willed child; thus i put him in his bed and shut the door--once, for an hour. i did consider googling a priest at first, but little did i know that the best cure for demon possession is not a priest-- it's cheaper and less scary. they call it "Ibuprofen" and it must be given everyday for 3 days every 6 to 8 hours. i am happy to report my child returned(for the most part) and is now just 1/4 demon instead of all demon.

layne has picked up the love for baseball and also for hitting live animals with his bat. it's padded though--but even still, our dog steers clear of our budding all-star. he doesn't hit the baseball unless you throw it directly at the bat, where it is inevitable that there will be some contact with ball and bat. but i really think it is building his self-esteem. world here we come!

here we have layne dressed in a stunning pants-less look(it's all the craze in europe)--pants hinder movement for our little guy. he has huge snausage feet, and is now wearing size 11 in men's tennis shoes. it must be all that macaroni--or "roni" as layne calls it. ok so he has an obsession with wearing our shoes. he tried my heels, with no success in movement. of course i didn't take a picture of that because that would be a direct blow to daddy's ego.
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  1. i cannot wait to snuggle that kid. and you too, of course.

    see you SOON!!


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