Thursday, March 6, 2008

sick days

ok, so i haven't updated my blog in a couple of weeks...but the nausea is getting better so i can now properly fulfill my blogging duty to our endearing fans(uh hmmm...grandparents). so what has been going on these past weeks? i'm not sure, but from what my husband tells me, i missed alot while writhing in pain, napping, and eating bean burritos. layne's vocabulary has now reached 4th grade level with words like, "roaaaaaar" and "huck-see!" a.k.a. huxley, our dog. he also now laughs when he farts. see picture for full gratification.

but please, even though i wasn't really "there", i made it a point to make my son presentable. you never know who's going to drop by to say hi. please notice the detail i put into these outfits--being too matchee matchee is not in right now, ok. i think the sweatband adds a hint of flare to an otherwise uninteresting pajama legging. and really there is no need for socks--spring is right around the corner people!

alright, so layne wears his pajamas all day and before daddy went to work, layne begged him to put his shoes on for some reason. could it be the tacks strewn about on the floor from my last craft project? the sweatband was his own idea. i think it's because when he's working in our sweat shop in the basement, he doesn't like his hair in his face.

this next picture was when we went on our morning outing to alaska. layne enjoys chatting with the eskimos and riding polar bears...saddle-less. ok, the truth is that layne is once again wearing pajamas all day... and he, surprisingly, got into the hat basket. why do i keep the basket at his level you may ask? no, it's not because i haven't toddler-proofed the house. i purposely do these things so he can entertain himself. not really. but it has worked for a couple of weeks. and honestly, daddy pretty much does the cleaning around here so i don't stress when i see him doing it...i laugh an evil laugh. payback daddy... you did this to me!

well, that pretty much sums up the last couple of weeks. i will be more diligent about updating the blog so check back in the next couple of days. toodles.
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  1. oh james,
    glad to see that you are back my friend.
    love the pic of "littles" farting. so very funny. ahhhh, i miss you A...can't wait for you to visit :) i talked with your man today about exciting...
    love ya!

  2. edited...i miss YOUR A...not you A

  3. Not only are the grandparents being entertained... your long lost friends are too! Love the updates, visit regularly. By the way... Layne called while you were napping and said he really wants to "go to see mountains"! (shrug) Smart kid!! Love you guys!

  4. Jamie - I am so excited! I am bringing Leigh Anne to KC to visit schools... can we pop in?


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