Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter: a Holy day gone wrong

First of all, layne is cutting some molars at this very moment (whining in the background while watching sesame street) and there is not enough Ibuprofen in the wonderful world of medicine to dry his little almond eyes. So please, while you are reading this, imagine the sounds of an inconsolable toddler mixed with the annoying voice of elmo and friends. and then try to make yourself a touch nauseous by eating something left on your computer desk 3 weeks ago. that is how i feel.

Moving on, layne is our little amelia earhart. we got a new jogging stroller in the mail the other day(have no fear, i'm not bouncing my goods around the neighborhood...i prefer not to pee on myself) which came unassembled. so of course i took everything out of the package and layne pounced at the chance to spread all the stroller pieces around the house and in the crevasses of the couch. shown here, by the dedication and fervor on his face, layne gives the wheel a couple test spins. he refused to take off the hat even though it was 60 degrees outside.

On to easter: Layne is now a jcrew model. i couldn't pass up this jacket even though it was not really in the budget and he will probably only wear it once. huxley, our dog, maybe could wear it next easter... the joy of hand-me-downs. and yes, his green pants make him look like he walked off the set of caddyshack, but that was the kind of look i was going for. but judging from pictures of my childhood, i am following in the footsteps of many ridiculous mothers, who just had make their children wear things they will be embarrassed about later.

layne was a brat the entire day and didn't even want to hunt for easter eggs. could it be because it was a candyless egg hunt? i know, i really know how to suck the fun out of an event. instead, we did stickers, cars, balloons, and bubbles in them...stop judging me. as it turns out he hates the balloons-thanks grant(my brother) for letting one explode in his face. and he put the stickers all over grammy's house--which i thought the neon colors really brightened up the room. some "goo gone" will take those stickers right off her coffee table in a jiff. and as for the spot on the carpet where the bubbles spilled...honestly, i don't think she'll able to find it...layne is a tricky little dude.

speaking of tricky, we are trying to figure out how to discipline a toddler--we are using the naughty chair technique(time out) because i usually want to spank him when i'm mad and i don't think that's fair...because i'm prego and always mad. we (and by we i mean, I) are reading "grace based parenting"--which is great, but it doesn't really give practical tips for discipline. just the mindset behind the discipline. any suggestions out there? besides you dad... "when do you think you'll start spanking him? know they are smart little creatures...he's just manipulating you." i know he's manipulating me dad. i really enjoy it.

here we are doing a fake happy pose in the balmy 40 degree weather. i was pinching layne to make him stand real nice-like for the camera and was hiding my baby bump with my sweater--i think i've officially popped at 14 weeks. anything's better than the beer belly i was sporting before. when people ask if i'm pregnant, i just tell them i love pasta. a lot.

hope you all had a fabulous Easter and had a chance to ponder the ridiculousness of hiding eggs and finding them(why the heck do we have such weird traditions?!).
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  1. okay....i'm actually feeling much more normal after reading your blog post for today. gage is in the same maddening-molar cutting mode that layne is in. its about to make me crazy. discipline tips for you. if you get any good ones, let me know. i forget what we did with chase. its apparently wasn't very effective anyways =). grace-based parenting is a GREAT book though (although i'm not sure that i feel more grace-filled after reading it....just more aware of how much more i need!!). k....this was a long comment. sorry.... tired ramble....

  2. oh my gosh...layne's outfit is sooo funny! i can't wait to see you guys! got your email with the plane ticket info...yeah!!

    oh, the fun things we are going to do while you all are here...

  3. Seriously you look hecka good!!! Wow! How are you still so skinny??? Cute pics.

  4. Yeah we have a family blog. It's


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