Thursday, February 14, 2008

special memories

I have always wondered why parents take thier children to places like chuck e. cheese and when i figure out why we went there yesterday, other than i was desperately hungry for pizza and we had a gift card--i'll let you know. it's a smug little place, where acne ridden pre-teens chase each other and obnoxiously squeeze themselves into toys made for toddlers, where families of 10 hog skee-ball (the only good game) for hours at a time, and where mommies are spending $100 in tokens to buy a $3 ball decorated with and oversized rat. but my view is slanted since i wasn't feeling well. can you tell?

anyway, i think layne had fun and it was good for me to get out of the house. daddy laid the smack down on the large 1/2 cheese, 1/2 rabbit turd...excuse me...hamburger pizza. suprisingly the pizza was pretty good--i think they have to offer something decent when they steal people's money in mass quantities. probably what was more suprising was the old ketchup container layne found under the seat--which he of course began eating immediately. by the smell, it had to have been a couple months old. i would know this b/c i have a secret love affair with ketchup...another blog for another time. but is it not the all american flavor?--it makes anything taste great.

all that to say: please go to a pizza place/arcade and experience this kind of joy for yourself. your family will forgive you for it one day.


  1. you must have picked the wrong time to go... we went a couple of weeks ago at like 10:30am for mason's birthday party and there was no one there-- so much more fun than when it's packed. so don't be afraid to try again, but do be afraid of the ketchup bottle (why in the world was there a ketchup bottle at a pizza place anyway?!) seriously, hopefully you won't be so traumatized next time!

  2. sounds like loads of fun.
    anything with a mouse named chuck, pizza and screaming kids has to be fun.

  3. okay, you've officially dropped off the blog-o-sphere.
    i do not like that fetus for doing this to you.

    just kidding. i always love your fetuses.


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