Friday, February 1, 2008

our life

i hate to keep complaining...but my "morning" or "all-day-sickness" gets more unbearable each day. someone somewhere needs to come up with something that gets rid of this redonculous nausea...and i will pay them. in cheetos.

layne is good to me though- he never judges me for keeping the cheetos behind the couch cushion for easy access. and the saltines. and the pretzals. and other various food products. it's a new cupbord of sorts for him to get into and he certainly enjoys smearing his cheeto face on the khaki couch...which is now several shades of browns and oranges. i'll let you guess what the browns are.

please take note of our chubaca dog, huxley, waiting for any crumb that my fall from our fingers. the crumbs rarely even hit the floor--which is good for me since i haven't vaccumed the floors in-oh, 3 weeks. don't judge me.

the plus is that daddy is home and layne has a monkey playmate again. nato has been really good to me--going this way and that for whatever my stomach fancy's. we never eat out like this, i'm a health nut... but we know that for 4 more weeks, we must appease the monster. the monster being the fetus child that we already love. nato has also been re-learning the time-old lesson of keeping his mouth shut. this has been hard on both of us, as i can not control what comes out of my mouth and he can not control his desire to say, "you can't just act like that b/c you're pregnant." um...i think it says in the bible that i can, ok? first book of opinions.

more importantly, layne is feeling better--no throwing up after coughing fits. he is also saying all of his animal sounds. our family favorite is the is hilarious. he says, ney-hey-he-he-he and that last part turns into an evil laugh of sorts. i wish i could put a sound bite on here. anyway, he has only-child-syndrome bad and is in for the wake up call of a lifetime. i have a feeling i am too.


  1. oh the joys of "all day sickness" least this is the one time in your life that you can eat anything that you want "because the baby needs it." are you going to find out what you are having? some advice on the "only child syndrome," make him play by himself for at least an hour a day... or just ignore him, whatever. no really some alone (awake) time does wonders for the independence! :) jenn

  2. if you're paying in cheetos, i will certainly look for the cure all for "morning" sickness. as some man proudly named it. i mean seriously, "morning" sickness? it's more like "all day, all night, 12 weeks, puke my guts out, get that nasty food outta my face" sickness. seriously, men.

    in better news. i'm glad nato's home to take care of the mini monkey. and seriously, i think huxley is the one for the rude awakening for when nato manchito #2 comes. what is a manchito? she is a princess in your house. gross.

    love you! and miss you! but so glad you have a blog.

  3. Hey guys! Michelle told me about your blog! I'm so excited to keep in touch w/y'all. I am sorry to hear about your morning sickness Jamie! That is no fun. I know what you are going through. I was the same way...blah. It seemed like Brampton lived in his pjs. You were right on with the whole survival mode!!! Good luck and I hope you start feeling better soon. Oh and Layne too!!!


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