Friday, February 8, 2008

back to the drawing board

well, the probiotics worked for a good 2 days and now i am back to the couch--my special spot with a body indention identical to mine. my butt hurts from laying on it all day and i am now concerned that i will get bed soars. my hubbie used to be a nurse and he says that's impossible because i at least get up to go to the bathroom--but i intend to prove him wrong (not by peeing on the couch, just by getting a bed soar by sheer determination).

on the same note, i have not been out of the house for 4 straight days--and surprisingly have not gone stir crazy. but then again, i always think it's monday, so that could have something to do with it. i am also also a hermit by nature, so that helps. nato keeps wanting to go out...but he just doesn't get it. he loves giving me sponge baths, so i don't think that's making him stir crazy. ha, pa-lease, i shower myself. the last thing i need right now is some unwanted attention from that deprived man.

also, can i just say...i had to paint 2 signs today and one of them almost made me vomit-not because i'm prego, but because of the requested design. i want to put a picture on here, but i don't want to offend someone. i think the hardest thing about painting namesigns is having to do what the customer wants, even if it is heinous and is obviously going to scar their child.

totally off the subject--at this time, i need to give a shout out to my mom for making me potato soup--like she did when we were growing up. i was craving it in the middle of the night and she made it for me the next day! talk about room service. and thanks babe, for going grocery shopping for me...i know you felt less like a man when you had to buy me those depends. not really, i promise i have not started to pee on myself yet. but i am cautious when i sneeze, ok.


  1. bed sores and sponge baths? gross jami.

  2. I came this close to ordering a sign from you that read, "Clown-penis.fart", so that I can use it when we have our next child. I guess that I will wait just a little while longer...

  3. I love it... you made us all laugh. Miss you. When is the next Nato baby due to make an appearance?

  4. i have to see the heinous sign, please! email it to me or something i am so curious.


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