Thursday, January 24, 2008

top ten reasons i know i'm pregnant

10. i caught layne feeding the dog an entire box of raisins.
9. at this moment, i can't decide if i should throw up or eat.
8. my boobs are oozing over my bras, as if to beg for mercy.
7. layne has watched every PBS program for children-even the weird ones.
6. my house looks like a natural disaster...i just saw yogurt smeared on the coffee table.
5. the sunlight hurts my eyes...every time i walk by a window.
4. i have been craving taco bell bean burritos with sour cream--and have only given in once.
3. my husband whimpers around like i'm going to punch him in the face at any moment.
2. i teared up watching VeggieTales... that stupid cucumber with his sad eyes!
1. layne is still in his pajamas.

i am pretty nauseated today and i feel like a bad mom because we are just in survival mode. hopefully this craziness will not go on for much longer(6 more weeks?!). I especially feel bad for Layne--he is bored and fussy. i took a pic of him tugging on me...his screeches seem so much screechier now.

we are having people over for dinner tonight so i need to get my act know, shower, clean up the tornado(otherwise affectionately known as my house), and make dinner. maybe it will make me feel better. ha!


  1. Ha, Taco Bell! Jami, the health nut, has cracked under the pressure. Don't be ashamed! Just embrace what is to come! You'll break so many rules you've made! I can't wait to watch it all...not really...but I'll say it because you're planning my wedding.

    - Audrey

  2. ugh, the sickness...will it ever end??? for me, never. for you, i'm sure it will. praying for the day you wake up and the nausea is gone! and don't frig' out about layne watching the pot smoking sloth. we all give in once in a, more than others. it's a big world...
    and did i mention that i'm so happy you started a blog!!! yes, i am.

  3. hey!! congrats! so....i hope you're not dropping off the face of the mops world now that em has moved to sunny fl (and now that you feel like puking all the time). we missed you last time, so come back around! later...

  4. Oh Jami - you amaze me! You are a wonderful wife and mother and now a BLOGGER!! Love you and miss you soooo much.


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