Monday, January 28, 2008

breakfast of champions

i just can not help what my body wants to eat. seriously, i have already gained 3lbs and i'm almost 8, i'm not exagerating. i refuse to wear my tight skinny jeans b/c i have a muffin top now--they gave me ingrown hairs anyway, who needs them? anyway, here's an example of some of the things that have so graciously contributed to my muffin top:

i know, shocking isn't it? how can carbonated beverages and cheese puffs (made with real Cheddar, for heaven's sake!) make a person gain weight? baffling.

On to other things concerning me at this moment, Layne has been sick for an entire month--we took him to a new Doctor's office that everyone raves about around here. i was very unimpressed--they rushed us through, totally misdiagnosed him, and sent him home. anyway, this weekend he just kept getting worse...throwing up and a constant fever, coughing like a mad we went to children's mercy urgent care. what a difference! they had great bedside manner and diagnosed him properly with RSV. i thought only tiny babies got RSV, but apparently 18 month-olds can get it too. highly contagious. you're probably contracting it through this blog.

so now we are both sick...and nato, my husband, is out of town at this inopportune time. so layne, the dog, and i have been taking care of one another like a little monkey tribe. we occasionally go out, but it's either too cold or i can't stomach it. i do keep in mind that this will only last for a time and then i'll be in the second it's not that bad i guess. i was trying to be positive there.

ok, i promise i'll be better about blogging(emily!)--this weekend just got crazy.


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  1. i've heard that once a kid gets RSV, they get it numerous times throughout their childhood. hadley had it when she was a baby, so layne probably got it from hadley. if only they would stop making out. all right, back to my scrapbooking!
    oh yah, i've been munching on the natural cheeto puffs too! i'm not even preggers either! it's hard to put a good thing down.


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