Monday, July 28, 2014

9 pregnancy must haves for this gal.

before this baby is out, i thought i'd tell you my faves during this round of pregnancy. by number 4, you'd hope i'd figure out things. there are so many products out there, but here's what i've loved and really used.

1)unisom + B6 for really bad morning/all day sickness. i talked about it more here. life saver.

2) skinny jeans from motherhood maternity. the house brand. cheaper than other fancy brands i have but they do not fall down and slouch all weird in the crotch. i think i bought them for around $30 on sale... but right now they are buy one for $30 get another pair free. HELLO. and they are true to size. if you are a medium, buy a medium.

3)maxi skirts: i mean especially at the end. like wearing yoga pants but socially acceptable and even called dressy. yes please. because PANTS ARE IMPOSSIBLE NOW--my faves are from gap. the fold over top!

4) any pregnancy app that tells you how far along you are. i forget constantly...but the app is always there to remind you! i used "baby bump" because it was free but i'm sure there are other ones.

5) crushed ice. i have a weird obsession with ice this time around. but did you know sonic sells bagged crushed ice and it. is. magical? plus it's $1.50
please tell me where i can buy a machine. uhhhhhbsessed.

6)triangle/wedge pillow: i either have heartburn or my feet are swollen, so this magical pillow is used daily.
thanks internet for this delicious pic.

7) young living essential oils. it was so awesome to have another tool in the belt for all the annoyances that come with growing a human in your body. here's what i used the most this pregnancy:
-lemon or grapefruit oil on the ankles for swelling/edema
-peppermint for heart burn and when the baby was breach, i put it on the top of my stomach and at the next appointment, sure enough, he turned!
-digize for constipation right on the top of the stomach under the ribcage. it worked faster than miralax!
-peace and calming for insomnia
-clary sage and geranium for inducing labor (on the bottom of feet)
-pan away for restless leg syndrome applied on the spine and lower back

go here to learn how to purchase them if you're interested

8)these magical underwears with the yoga-like panel! so much more comfy than regular underwear, particularly in the 3rd trimester. when you accidentally gained 45 lbs. but will likely have a 6 lb baby. awwwwkward. don't know how that happened? *cookies

9) h&m basic tank tops. these aren't officially maternity, but they are super long! i went a size up than i normally wear. at 2 for $10, you can't beat it. buy one in every'll wear them under everything. because your shirts will get so stretched that they become see thru. as it turns out. learned the hard way. my B.

hope that helps you pregos!

i'm getting induced on wednesday, so pray for me if you think about it. also...omg, i have to actually have this baby? ugh. i forgot everything. and i'm nervous. and

Thursday, July 24, 2014

living room before and after

next up. living room.
now we can't put the rug down yet because the floors need one more week to breathe freely. or something. whatever...this is one occasion where i'm happy to follow the rules. i don't want to have to go through another floor sanding and staining for a long, long time.

here she is before. what i affectionately called, an oak festival.

and after the white paint got a hold of her:

the beams are actually owl grey by benjamin moore. it's a super super light grey.
the trim is off white by sherwin williams
the walls are white dove by sherwinn williams
yellow circle artwork from minted (they seriously have super high quality prints and the best customer service)
and lila painted the black and white one. genius, i tell you. 
my sis painted that globe for me.

the window seat is perhaps my fave place in the house. perhaps because i heart throw pillows.

perhaps because penelope thinks it's a stage.
would love to take the doors off the cabinets under there and put baskets instead. this too can wait...for now. 
 what? small obsession with black and white? noooooo.

again, lila painted the the dots with the line painting. she calls it a "happuh face!"
the map is from one kings lane and i've also seen it on zulily 
the white rocker chair is from zulily
and the gold table is from target

to my defense, i did try and add pops of color every now and again. 

one thing not lacking in this home is storage. and can i just say that built in bookshelves are changing my life. bold statement. but, it's really hard to be messy when everything has a place...and can be closed into a cabinet. i would like some open shelving in this room, but until i live with the space a little longer, i'm not ready to commit to doors off. 

tv hidden! it kind of is exciting, considering we've always displayed it. there was shelving in here but we knocked it out to fit the tv. 

those little chalkboard pails are in the target $1 spot, just FYI.

we used to have our tufted couch in the living room annnnnnd, it sure was pretty. but then we dominated it hard. it was ripping and sad, so we moved it into our bedroom and put the comfy sectional back. honestly it's a way more comfortable and fitting for this stage of life. 
the couch was our very first purchase together as a couple--at a restoration hardware floor model sale. we of course dominated the original slipcover with permanent markers and had it recovered. grey with white piping. 
the urban outfitters coffee table is super low and round. not an amazing bargain, but i love it for this stage in life, no harsh corners and the kids can color or eat at it. what? i never let my kids eat in the living room while i'm laying on the couch watching shows... wait. that's real life sometimes.
and just because...scenes from the living room with the girls. 
poor, poor dog. 

 needlepoint pillow is on sale at PBteen

and just for shock value, one more time:

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

dining room before and after

ok, well i'm nesting. i have this week to load up some files of before and afters of the house because once the babe comes, we all know that i'm going to be doing a whole lotta nothing. well, a whole lot of watching shows in the middle of the night while relearning how to nurse a babe. i forget all the things when it comes to having children. you'd think i'd know more but i feel like i may know less about mothering with each child.
so basically, if my theory is correct,  the duggar lady is a complete idiot. jay kay. i actually have a small obsession with the duggars because. ummm, i have no explanation. but i enjoy watching them be weird with their rules and i guess it makes me feel sort of normal.

insert incredible transition about large families and dining rooms.

let's talk dining rooms, shall we?

here's what she looked like before. this was, by far, the lightest and brightest room in the house. that brass chandi was changed out before we moved in, otherwise, i would have kept it. you know i'm into brass now. it's a healthy obsession at this point but just give me some time. #hoarder

and after, this is sort of the same angle. 

the matching built-in buffets were sort of a reddish oak. i'd like to remove them altogether, but for now, white paint to the rescue.
paint color on top of the chair rail: owl grey (or is it grey owl?) from benjamin moore

inside the shelves, i just kept it monochromatic with collections of stuff i already had. lots of silver, white dish wear and baskets.

 i wanted some antlers in my house with a modern twist. but why are they so expensive. annoying. you found that on a hike, you should just give it to me. but home depot had one that was cheapola, considering i don't hike and i don't know how to wire real antlers into a light fixture. it was faux painted deluxe. and the closer you look, the more hilarious the faux paint looks.
so we painted it white. i considered painting the tips gold and might still do that. maybe since i can't sleep at night. but i'm sorta loving the simplicity of it.

thank you various thrift stores for the plates. usually a buck a piece.
and some are hung with plate holders, and a lot are hung with string, looped and hot glued to the back, then reinforced with some super glue.

this is what you see right when you walk in the house, to the right. the "formal" dining room. because we need 2 dining rooms?! i don't love that concept at all. i will repurpose this room for something we'll actually use. eventually. i have big dreams for her to be functional...but first, let me have a baby.

the base of this table makes me smile. we bought it at this discount place for way cheap in kansas city called cargo largo and then i found it online here for much more moola  i do love a good bargain.
the mira rug is west elm, but also from cargo largo on sale for crazy cheap...but it's online right now on clearance as well and pretty reasonable!
the chairs we found in the trash...tell no one of this secret.

since we're sort of in the entry, here's what it looked like before.
 and here's the office to the left of that. the wallpaper was sort of textured, patterned grass cloth. we didn't strip it, but painted over it. i sort of like the texture.

and after:  here's nato playing with the remote control helicopter layne got for his birthday. hmm, who's birthday was it again? ohhhh, an EIGHT YEAR OLD'S.

surprise! it's all white. and we painted those cabinets in the office white too. we took the carpet off the stairs(only to find that the wood is cut straight down the middle. weird.

to replace it, we'd have to actually replace the banister and spindles and everything. soooooo, we chose a runner. much cheaper. 
 currently waiting for it to be installed later this week. i can show you pics of that someday... in more detail. when we're more moved in completely to the office and when the runner is in.
for now, it's perfectly livable and is shaping up just in time for me to fall off the face of the decorating planet for at least 6 months. 

but whatever, tomorrow i'll post the living room! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

40% off code at

heads up.

honest company doesn't offer this kind of coupon often, but they are doing a 40% off your first bundle special! it's good for the whole month of JULY.
use code UBER40
we love all their products...and i'm not just saying that. i think i've tried every product on the site and been so happy with it.

and who doesn't like diapers or their cleaning stuff delivered right to their door? plus it's all environmentally conscious. agh. right up my hippie ally!

you can also use the code invited10 using my invitation link if you think you'd rather have $10 off your order.

later gators,

Monday, July 14, 2014

yet, another kitchen redo. because WHITE KITCHENS!

so when we renovated our last kitchen, just MONTHS ago, we really didn't think we would be moving. we knew it was a possibility, in the back of our heads. but we didn't know it would happen that soon and that fast.

(enter slow clap)

a great lesson in laughing at plans we love to make. but this is not a time for deep thoughts. it's a time to chuckle at the super prego lady, who bought a house, which needed some renovations and engaged in possibly the most stressful closing process ever known to man-- all while trying not to have her baby 4 weeks early. thankfully, it all eventually worked out and we are super thankful. but moving is hard. emotionally and's just difficult.
but, BONUS: so far, i have been able to keep this child in my belly by eating a lot of snickers and obsessant online shopping in the middle of the night. although i have discontinued this habit after a stern talking to from the hubs. my B. it was late...i was drunk...i don't remember what i was all happened so fast.

jay kay. no gin and juice for this pregs. but soon and very soon.

anyways. when we bought the new house, we knew that we wouldn't be able to live there right away because we wanted to paint every single wall and all of the orange-ee oak trim/paneling. plus, we wanted to replace the carpet that was mostly everywhere and do hardwoods throughout, even upstairs. because i'm crazy and i heart rugs. and i want the floors to squeak when my kids try and sneak out.

so we stayed at the inlaws for a bit while the work was finished. (and by stayed, i mean, my kids messed up her very clean house and peed on most of her valuable items. daily.)

all that to say. we are home.
and that is strange to type. because for those 2 weeks, when it didn't feel like we had a place to call our own, i mourned our old house pretty hard. so many good memories there. i thought nothing would ever feel like that place. but as it turns out, our first night in this house, we sat at the table and ate dinner and it felt like we had  been here for years. i don't say that lightly, but God has been kind to us in this. and we are thankful that, although he can use time, He doesn't need it to mend heartache and loss. he can weave pasts into presents just as quick as he can part seas and raise dead to life.

whoops. got deep.

so let's look at pictures now!
here's what the kitchen looked like before. totally nice, but not our style. operation desuburbanize ensued...

annnnnnd then. BOOM.

festival of white paint.

we decided to keep the cabinets, as they were newly done-- but just change the hardware from silver to brass. as well as changed the backsplash from busy stone to white subway. with WHITE grout. which i really, really love.

there were a few snafus along the way. like, the tile in the wrong pattern. poor guy had to start over like 3 times. wrong pattern, wrong bullnose edging, wrong something else.

 and we're also keeping the granite for now. do you like how i put a freaking giant woven basket on top to hide the busy countertops? do duh do(insert musical emoji)...not a big dark piece of brown and black speckled granite under here...  
so, sure, i would have picked a white quartz, maybe marble. definitely some giant butcher block, but this gal ain't made of money or time. and as the song says, if you can't be with the one you love, the one you're with. 
little do most people know, the song is speaking of countertops, not humans. you're welcome for the insight!

so, i sold the curvy light fixtures on craigslist.

and traded them in for less visually heavy looks. airy lights, for the win.
light: crate and barrel
hardware: martha stewart brand at

to the side, there was a little bar area, with a TV. but i don't really need a tv in the kitchen, because my kids would turn into zombies while eating and watching. 

so for now it's a blank subway wall. we have some reclaimed wood open shelving going to happen there shortly. i'll show you when it gets up. 
and that is a wine fridge. only problem, we don't drink wine. i thought it could be a juice box holder instead? too redneck? i don't know what we'll do with it. until i can figure out what will go there, we'll pretend to be sophisticated adults who serve wine and cheese. but really, here's a marg and some salsa. now go dance on the table, you crazy gal! 

moving on. 

we kept the beams wooden...because, hello. amaze.
and just kept up with the white paint and new light.

light: crate and barrel
table & wood chairs; garage sale
bench: world market
metal chairs:

it's amazing what a little/800 gallons of paint will do. and we actually painted the tiles behind the fireplace too with a special primer and paint. i think eventually, i'd like to get some marble back there, but patience is a virtue.

those strange black boxes up there in the cabinets are fabric screens for, wait for it.... surrrrrround sound. although we have no idea how to work it. point is, i need to get some white fabric up there or-- do some old school sunday school flannelgraphs for the kids! duh. here's moses, here's the burning bush... oh you can't see it? 

this is the painting above the mantel from jamie rovenstein. we love it so much. and sort of feel like big kids with an "art purchase". if you love it like we do,  she has a couple prints left in her etsy shop! 

trim color: sherwin williams off white
wall color: benjamin moore white dove

right now, i'm working on the chalkboard wall. i just can't live without one, i've decided. 

ok. hope to post some more as we do each room. stay tuned!


if you want to see some of our other renovations you can find our old kitchen reno here:

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