Tuesday, November 18, 2014

my new oily insta

hey frands,

essential oils don't have to be intimidating. i know it seems like there is so much information out there and it's all overwhelming. i have so much i want to share about them and how they are changing our family in lots of little and simple (and sometimes big) ways, but...

i know not everyone is into the oils, so i want to keep my regular insta (@jaminato) for just the fam. but if you want to learn something new about using essential oils in your daily routine, follow me over at the oil collective on instagram. @oilcollective

i'll usually post daily. it will be quick and simple...one little fact. one little recipe. one little thought on getting yourself into a healthier lifestyle.

i'll focus mostly on the starter kit from young living because i think this is the best bang for your buck. i like this because every BODY is different. who knows what will work for you. maybe this oil worked for someone else but something works so much better for you.  with the starter kit, you get the chance to discover what works because you have 11 of the most commonly used everyday oils, a diffuser(which puts the oils into the air), and lots of freebies to test out.

if you want to learn more about the oils and see some before and after pics, or how to order the starter kit, GO HERE.  or you can see all my oily posts if you type in "oils" in the search box to the right.

and if nothing else, i'll see you over at the @oilcollective on instagram!


Friday, November 14, 2014

fashion friday or something

ok, so after a year of not doing stitch fix and almost dying, i finally ordered again. praaaaise. now, 3 months post baby bod and i have some LB's still hanging on but, the problem is that i can't stop eating halloween candy. and sitting in my stretchy pants because it's so dang cold. that combination isn't really as helpful to losing weight as you would think.

here's how it works: stitch fix sends you 5 items, you pick what you like, then send back what you don't. when i know i'm getting my fix, i don't buy clothes. so actually it saves me money? ha. well, at least that's what i tell my husband. after a while of getting clothes, your stylist really gets to know you and what you like and then it's really hard to send something back. sometimes i cry while packing it away. insert drama emoji masks.

so here's what i kept.
um, elbow patches will always have my heart. i'm not generally attracted to hot pink but i thought this was a subtle nod to my inner tween.

stripes. striped on walls and on clothes. i am slightly obsessed. but i like the little moto twist. it's like, i'm edgy but i'm still afraid of actual motorcycles. or something. 
this denim is magical. it's a boyfriend jean and the stretch is changing my life. i like just a little peep of the ankle because i'm saying, i have some skin under here but you don't get to see it because i'm not married to you. or also, you're not the boss of me. you don't know my kids. 
i have no idea what i'm typing right now but i've committed to not deleting anything. 

ok so going with the moto theme again, this little number is actually from eshakti.com. i picked something i wouldn't normally. a peplum top and a bright blue. but the royals were winning and i felt like it was calling my name. now i have something to wear in the hot summer at the royals game. wait. maybe a little too warm. but i can show my royals spirit all winter long with this cute jacket. (hunter pence wears ugly jackets.)

what i like about eshaakti is that it's all completely customizable. you can make the waist small and the top bigger or vice versa. you make it for a long or short torso or have the sleeves go shorter or longer. it's sort of amazing if you don't fit into the normal sizing of it all. 
if you want to purchase anything, use this coupon code "thenatostyles" and get 10% OFF  – valid from 10/29/2014 – 11/29/2014 
Inline image 2

and lastly, i had penelope join me in this fashion post because of the good people at onethirtyoneTees sent us this super great t-shirt to remind us of the importance of adoption. and hey, it's national adoption month too. 
(can you even handle this pose right now?)

"Our company provides quality organic tees for children while helping families fund their adoptions.
Half of all of our profits will be given to Lifesong for Orphans, an organization that is committed to bringing joy and purpose to orphans. We would also love to work with you through fundraising to help raise money for your own adoption."

pretty awesome. 

happy fashion friday or something. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Lila's gluten free pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

i don't often say that i like gluten free baked goods more than i like the regular flour-full versions. there are a few exceptions: the waffles from cooking for isaiah cookbook, my mom's gluten free cupcakes with buttercream icing from the Lord, and these cookies i'm 'bout to lay down for you all.

half of our family is Gfree and the other half is not. when i make regular baked goods, it's hard to tell lila that she can't have them, so i mostly refrain from that because she's already given up enough in the eating department. but because of this, i was determined to turn my regular pumpkin cookies into a gluten free version. after a couple go-rounds, i feel as though i have perfected it. i mean, i don't want to brag on myself, but...i'm incredible. Jay kay.

so here ya go. i added the essential oils on my second test batch and it bumped up the depth of flavor to a million percent. omg.

Lila's Gluten Free Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

1 stick of butter
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1 egg
1/2 cup pumpkin
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1 drop young living cinnamon essential oil *
1 drop young living nutmeg essential oil *
2 cups all purpose gluten free flour
1/2 cup chocolate chips (or more if you are feeling generous)

let butter soften to room temp or microwave for 10 seconds
in a mixer add butter, brown sugar and vanilla and cream together.
add 1/2 cup of pumpkin and egg and mix until incorporated. don't over mix, guys. it hurts my soul.
add the salt, spice, oils, and i cup of gluten free flour at a time until incorporated. then add those chocolate chips.

bake at 350 for 12-15 minutes.

*all essential oils are not made for ingestion and can be dangerous if they are only perfume grade. that's why i can only recommend young living oils because of their commitment to purity and quality.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

losing my voice

i got sick last week. a little tickle in the throat turned on me like a toddler at target in the checkout lane. you know what i'm saying...everything's fine and then within 10 seconds someone has peed on the floor, stolen a pack of pokemon cards, eaten various and sundry chocolate and or chapstick items at their leisure and then topped it off with a demon possessed tantrum.

i was fine and then. and then i was laid out.

on monday, i woke with 100% no voice. of course this couldn't have happened on saturday or sunday when my husband was home. it happened when it was just me manning the house. THE ENTIRE DAY i whispered. sometimes i had to clap so someone would look at me. a couple of snaps every now and again. a whistle here and there. basically i looked like a frantic one man band with no instruments trying to play for a sold out audience. of 4.

i whispered or just couldn't even try to intervene with the kids all day. and guess what, they whispered back. or they just dealt with whatever it was, because i couldn't help.
with the intensity in which i communicated with them, they communicated back.

this was incredibly convicting because, in general, our house is loud. there are tantrums and melt downs. my kids yell at me. we've been having lots of chats about being disrespectful in this house. do you see where this is going?

we're an angry household. my kids roll their eyes at me because i roll my eyes at them. they yell at me because i yell at them. just gigantic mirrors walking around. i totally get that some kids have anger issues that don't spring from their parents, but in most cases around here, i think it's pretty learned.

it's sort of hard for me to say that to the internets because, i don't know. no one talks about being angry with their kids. we can talk about all the other ways we fail, but for some reason, you can't be an angry mom. you can pinterest fail all the things but you can't REALLY fail as a parent. hashtag too far.

I lost my voice and I gained an eyeful of my sin. i laid in bed whispering to my husband that it has to change. and he whispered back, we need God to change us. 
and then i yell-whispered, quit matching my whisper, dammit. you can talk!
we fell asleep laughing. i repented and i think it might be the first time as a mother that i didn't feel shame about such an awful, repetitive sin issue. i actually felt relief and gratefulness that God would care enough for me to show me a sin issue in such a tangible way so that i could repent and so that he could change me.

i didn't wake up saying that i was going to not yell and not be angry. no unachievable goals we all give ourselves in the morning. no.
i just swam in grace.
by now i've realized that me making me change leads to repetitive sin patterns that never get fixed. it also leads to a lot of shame. i was supposed to do better today! i am the worst because i did so many things wrong.
or it leads to arrogance. i'm amazing! i've done the right thing for 4 straight days! look at all the other moms who are doing it wrong!

listen, if you're an angry mom, you're not alone. in fact, if you're experiencing it, chances are there rest of the 400 bazillion moms are experiencing the same sin issues. because we're all humans who need to be saved from ourselves.

i guess the point for me isn't to stop being angry (or behavior change), it's to run to the cross. if that is the case, then slaying my sin isn't what i'm focused on, because, well that's impossible. have you noticed? we all just keep sinning. so i'm not playing the too-christian-to-share-my-shit game. i'm not going to pretend that my life isn't full of terrible sin and that i don't yell at my kids. i'm not bowing to the internet Gods and making my life seem incredible, with a few mom fails here and there.

i'm more desperately lost in my sin than that.

i want to keep losing myself and my reputation so that all you see is my need for grace. i want it to be the only flag i'm flying. i want it to be the only thing i am able to say when i see Jesus. have mercy on me. i come with nothing but the grace you gave me. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

halloween party timez

instagram is so much easier to document life, but i do believe there is some value in actually writing details of our lives down in blogland.  so i will now document halloween. that transition was incredible, was it not?

let's start with a sumo power stomp. it's obvious that pruett wanted to be a sumo wrestler for halloween. if he could talk, i know this would be his request. but since he can't, I simply have to use context clues and deductive reasoning to make reasonable costume choices that fit his lifestyle of constant eating and kicking his legs around. 

i will say, that when i googled sumo wrestling to make sure i did the hair right, i wanted to burn my eyeballs out of their sockets. it will take me years to recover from what i have seen on the internets of asian man big buns. 
penelope asked to be a "my little pony" this year. like a good mom, i bought a unicorn costume because the my little pony costumes were so expensive. people kept saying, you're a cute unicorn! and she was would scowl at them. sort of a classic case of miscommunication/cheap mom.

this is a fun picture of a monkey in pruett's room that has been snagged by bad influences. smoking and protests are in his near future, apparently. a friend came over for our halloween get together and hid cigarettes all over the house. we haven't found them all, but last night we had new people from church come over. a gal was admiring some artwork and all i could do was keep staring at the cigarette on top of the artwork ledge, thinking, do i say something or just pretend like it's abstract art? doesn't everyone hide their cigs atop artwork in the living room? basically, we're super christians.

there is too much magic in this picture. it surely deserves to be in awkward family photos. i told them i wanted to take their picture and this is how they posed? i don't know what i love more, thinking about a cupcake riding a unicorn or their sweet, creepy smiles.

lila is always the cutest. she kept correcting people when they called her a cupcake. i'm a gluten free cupcake. reality bites. PUN INTENDED, players.

here's lila maintaining no personal space but touching everyone's costume.

classroom parties make me sweat. like it's necessary to have armpit pads for me in these claustrophobic situations. but at the same time, i love being able to jump in their worlds for an hour. so i guess it's worth the fact that i will not be able to see people after this for 2-3 weeks. 

then there's this. he's not into pictures lately. or just anything i say or do.  i try so much to pick my battles with this child...he's going through something right now where he apparently hates my guts 90% of the time, so there's that. he used to hold my hand at the store, guys. now he goes immediately to the toy section and is all, i'll see you around, mom.
this is exactly why i cried while reading that dang, I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be book when you were 3 years old sitting on my lap, playing with my hair. i knew this day would come when you would act like a man child. please exit this unbearable stage at your convenience. 

on that uplifting and encouraging note, i will exit this very quick blog post documenting our halloween. see how i closed that up and when full circle with my horrible transitions? you. are. welcome.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

the cobbler turned juice

i'm teaming up with williams sonoma this week to turn a sweet treat favorite into a healthy juice.

enter record screech.

you know i like my baked goods. BUT. taking sweet treats out of my daily routine and saving them for only the weekend has been incredibly good for me. my skin looks better. i'm not so sluggish. no more canker sores or cystic acne. it's sort of crazy.
i sort of fell off the wagon while i was pregnant because ALL THE FOOD was eaten all the times. hence the 40 pound weight gain. and now the extra 10lbs that is just lounging gently around my waistline.  Jesus take the kitchen aid mixer.

and so now as we enter back into a season of healthiness, I'm looking forward to cutting sweet treats out and filling my body with more whole foods. more nutrient rich options. i guess what i'm saying is that this collab couldn't come at a better time...especially with steal-all-your-kids-snickers day coming up very soon.

so i chose to put my spin on a fall favorite: the cobbler (thanks josephine for brainstorming with me). since everything's getting dressed up for halloween, why not disguise the cobbler up as a delicious juice.  and oh my gosh. it's so good.

you'll need:
a heavy duty blender like my fave, a whole food juicer or blender.

1/2 an apple, seeded
1 cup of berries ( i like the organic antioxidant berry blend from costco that contains pomegranate, blueberries, strawberries, and cherries)
1 heaping tablespoon of oats
1 tbsp maple syrup
1 cup of water or lower sugar apple juice
1 tsp lemon juice or a gentle squeeze (doesn't have to be exact)
a pinch of cinnamon or a drop of cinnamon essential oil
a pinch of pumpkin pie spice
a pinch of salt

throw all of that in the mixer and let the games begin.

now i poured this into a small juice glass and had enough for one of my kiddos, who totally approved.
the entire thing has 140 calories and virtually no fat. so, because we went halfsies i had a 70 calorie treat as opposed to a typical cobbler that contains 508 calories, 13 grams of fat and 93 carbs. insert surprised emoji face with the red cheeks.

i'll be running to this juice for a morning energy boost in the future! hope you guys enjoy it too.

Friday, October 17, 2014

jami nato's craft room

i put my name in the title because it's mine. only mine. no children may enter through these doors, in fact, i'm buying a lock for it and i'm not even kidding about it. double in fact, i'm writing about the craft room from the craft room. which is much like taking a picture, of a picture, of a picture in mirrors.

jay kay. i am not high. just excited to have my own space where there's no snot or spit up to be found.

so. there's this little room off the master. i believe these were called "sitting rooms" in the 80's but i'm not sure what they're supposed to be for. OHHHHH, sitting romantically together talking back and forth over magazines and spiked hot chocolate while you laugh about your day.

um. no.
we have a sitting room and it's called, every other room in the house.

at first i wanted to make it a laundry room/craft room. but my husband was adamant about this just being my space(because he's amazing). and luckily, i found a different space upstairs for  just the laundry...stay tuned. like stay tuned for a year because we need to save some monies first because i just spent it all at ikea this last week.

anyway, here she is before we moved in:
and after

the desk is 2 shelves from ikea with one of their countertops on top. i wanted it to be really long so i could get my craft on.

my desk chair is a side table from target with some ikea fur thrown on top. i don't need a comfy office chair because i have a couch in there. this chair is for not falling asleep. the couch is for falling asleep and pretending i'm working. 

could not resist gold and black pencils with little sayings on them. target does me so wrong and so right all at the same time. 

why yes, that is a jewelry hanger i bought at target on clearance for $5 that i spray painted gold. 

these nate berkaus shears are changing my life. so wonderful. worth the $16.
the oversized paperclips are his too. i had to resist buying all of his office line because i'm not a millionaire. 

i do have a little bulletin board area that's nothing crazy. i hung them with brass tacks. i love that it's simple.

now turning to the other wall, more shelving. because MORE SHELVES!
and this little settee i found on the side of the road. people be crazy.

all the black cubby bins are from ikea too. surprise. you can't beat $3.99.

the bottom baskets are my "project baskets". instead of piles, i make for parties i'm throwing or crafts i'm doing, i'll throw them in baskets and call it organized. 

the numbers are from the ikea gift section. i decided to do numbers because i don't have to label my stuff... i'm the only one that uses them. i know what's in them because i made them and they are my sheep. wait. biblical analogy gone wrong. 
like i was saying, for instance, number three has all the " keep stuff together things" in it. glue, tape, stickers, staplers. etc. 
and so on and so forth.
i forget what the other numbers are but i'll make a key and tape it to my desk.

i made this little print. is it just me or is dirty dancing far too inspiring. why does it give me goosebumps every time they do their last dance? i feel like i can change the world after i watch the scene. 
you guys can print it out too...here's my file. you're welcome. go change the world.

the rug is from costco. and it's changing my feet's life. where are my toes? they're eaten by fur. yes please. 

the ottoman is from target clearance for $20. 
it was this:
turned this

a little spray paint, and some indoor outdoor fabric i already had, and i love it so much.

(the floors are white wood. the entire master is this color...it sort of just looks like bare wood with a slight whitewash. the rest of the house is dark hardwoods...but i felt like i could get away with something crazy in the master. if i get sick of the trend, we can always stain it darker)

i spent $900 on all the shelving, accessories, and rugs. i already owned the mirror, and the couch and some of the accessories. and i went ahead and stole things from around the house to make it complete. 

 the whole room is simple and visually unstimulating in most ways. i need the house to be quiet for now. don't get me wrong,  i really love pattern and color-- so this was a real stretch for me to tone it down. but i know i need this space to be a retreat where i can think. plan. rest. create. there are so many cute and colorful craft spaces and i would craft in them any day! for my own home, i'm enjoying simple and quiet decor. maybe during each season i can add different pops of color or some crazy artwork over the couch. the great thing about neutrals is that you can add that stuff over time...but the base always stays the same.
white on white on white FOREVERRRRRR.

(paint color: snowbound, sherwin williams)

target clearance hack